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Reagents kit for mutation in KRAS gene detectionImage
Reagents kit for mutation in KRAS gene detection
Product Description


    The kit of reagents is intended for mutation detection in KRAS gene using the method of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with hybridization-fluorescent detection. Samples of human genome DNA taken from specimens of fresh, frozen or paraffin-embedded tissue serve as the material for performing PCR.

    KRAS-mutations kit is intended for detection of the following mutations in tissue specimens:


    Mutations detected using KRAS kit of reagents

    In codon 12

    In codon 13

    Gly12Ser (GGT>AGT)

    Gly13Asp (GGC>GAC)

    Gly12Arg (GGT>CGT)


    Gly12Cys (GGT>TGT)


    Gly12Asp (GGT>GAT)


    Gly12Ala (GGT>GCT)


    Gly12Val (GGT>GTT)