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CE Approved Operating Table for X-ray MachineImage
CE Approved Operating Table for X-ray Machine
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Product Description

  • Model:HE-608N
  • Certification:CE
  • Net Weight:/
  • Dimension:/
  • Packaging Details:EXPORT WOODEN CASE
  • Brand Name:HOWELL
  • Trademark:HOWELL
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Category:hospital room equipment
  • Certification:CE
  • Material:#304 stainless steel
  • Colour:black
  • Power:electic hydraulic
  • Application:Operating Room


HE-608N CE Approved Operating Table for X-ray Machine _______________________________________________________


(1) X-ray application: mattresses and tabletop panels are both X-ray perspective materials,seamless,easy to clean.


(2) Positioning Joint of vertically and horizontally:it controls the leg plate positionning vertically and horizontally and the leg plates are removable.


(3 )Built-in Kidney Bridge:it can satisfies the requirements of chest and kidney surgical operations.


(4) Brake device under the base:it can lock the table firmly by operating foot pedal(electric brakes are optional)


(5) Computerized Manual controller:the microcomputer controller drives oil pressure to realize all angles of the tabletop


Table Length2000mm
Table Width500mm
Table Height Range500-800mm
Elecrical adustmentTable updown Liftright TrendelenburgReverse Trendelenburg
Manual Adjustmentback plate updown50°/90°
MechanicalHead plate  leg plate  gas spring is optional
TrendelenburgReverse Trendelenburg30°
Lift/Right Tilt20°
Foot Plate30° - 90°
Back Plate75° - 40°
Foot Plate(Horizontal)90°
adjustment of built-in kidney bridge0-120mm

Standard AccessoriesQty
PUR Mattress1pc
Manual Controller1pc
Lateral Support2pc
Shoulder Support2pc
Arm Plate2pc
Leg Holder2pc
Anesthetic Screen frame1pc
Joint Adapter2pc